Monday, March 22, 2010

The Path

Love conquers distance
Surpasses the time
Your love is my compass
That Guides me through

I follow the path
To bring me to you
The beat of your heart
Leading me through

I came to you
My lover were true
You guided this heart
To only follow you

To the end of the path
Ending with you
Now my beginning
Starting with you

We lead our new path
Listening to the tune
To guide us through
This never ending song

The beat of our heart
Beating as one
Yours as mine
And mine as ours

Together on as one
To follow the path
Our love guides us through
This never ending path

For love never ends
Never will ours
Only beginning
Always together you and I

A blindfold on my heart

Throughout my whole life I have learned that my heart has worn a blindfold to escape reality and never really sees what it has to nor listen. Now matter how great the pain my heart still has not learnes to see the lies ans watchout for deception. My hearts a dreamer and believes in others and guides itself by it's emotions byt never really see's the signs. Even after the tears and the pain all the stiches and the patching my heart had not learned that love is blind only because we decide not to take the blindfold off. That you can't just follow your blinded heart in a battle of love no matter how great you always need to learn to lookout to avoid the pain and those tears. My heart needs to learn to not follow the emotion the feeling but to always take a moment to take the blindfold off and take a look around and listen as ask myself. Is this what I want? What I feel? Is this truly what my heart desires? and you'll be surprised at the anwser.

That sometimes we are so comfortable with the lie only because our blindfolded heart gives it possiblities. Our heart tells us no there's still something there, but when you take a moment you understand that there never was. That your heart guided itself by not what it was it was feeling but what you have felt in your heart. And at that moment you will understand that if there was something there that even mattered my heart found out that there wasn't and that no matter how much I blinded myself from the lie that was all it was a lie. that it will always remain a lie and all it took was that moment to truly understand that we should not guide ourselves by the past but to love in the present. the past is gone and in the present is when it really truly matters. No matter the feelings from the past because those come and go but the present does not leave.

My heart has been learning along the way that it is better to have loved then to never have loved at all and no matter how great the love there is always someone else to help patch it up. It might not be the same but it is still love.

Love comes in many forms and in a way we never love two persons the same. Each love for every person in our lives is different the only problem is knowing how to distinguish one from the other because that's were our hearts also get confused. With love I don't know what it is nor how to explain it. I just know that we are loved sometimes not in the way we would want to be, but you are loved and love is never forgotten. You never forget who you love. It is impossible your heart will never let you. So don't even try just learn to love them when their close and love from afar and be happy they were in your life even if it was for an instance but they were there to share your love.